Great Barrier Reef Charters

Day Trips to Low Isles


What are the departure times and days?

Blue Martini departs the Reef Marina in Port Douglas at 8.30am and returning to Port Douglas at 4.30pm. We offer shared charters every Tuesday and Thursday between May and October.

Where is the departure point?

The Reef Marina, 44 Wharf Street, Port Douglas. We are located at the end of A Finger. Please ensure you arrive at Blue Martini 15 minutes before departure. We will leave at 8.30AM sharp.

Do you cater for wheelchair passengers?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I take an infant on the boat?

No, the minimum age is 5 years.

What do I bring?

Hat, swimwear, T- Shirt, sunglasses, cash or credit card for on board purchases. 

How long is the cruise out to Low Isles?

Around 90 minutes each way.

How many hours are we at Low Isle?

You will spend over 5 hours at Low Isles.

Are there toilets on board?

Yes, there are.

What activities are on offer?

Snorkeling, kayaking, island exploring & relaxing in luxury aboard Blue Martini.

What is on the Low Isles and how to I get onto the island?

Low Isles is a typical tropical island, like you see in the movies. It's around 0.02 square kilometres in size and is surrounded by 220,000 square meters of reef. Our crew will shuttle you to and from the island by way of our 20’ tender.

What sort of marine life are we likely to see snorkeling?

Low Isles is located in a protected Marine Park. Some of the commonly seen marine life include turtles, anemone fish (Nemo), lionfish, cuttlefish, and reef sharks.

Are lycra suits available?

These are only required during marine stinger season (November through to April).

Are there any jelly fish / marine stingers?

During our summer months (November through to April) jelly fish / marine stingers, can be present in the seas of Northern Australia. Most jellyfish are harmless, however certain varieties may cause a serious reaction. Incidents involving serious marine stings in this area are extremely rare. Our crew are conscious of the danger of marine stingers and will take appropriate steps to ensure your protection if they believe conditions are such that there is a possibility of encountering these creatures.